Professional pink salt

at a pure price.

A hidden culinary treasure for 250 million years, Himalayan salt is the choice of professional gourmet cooks the world over to enrich and bring out the true flavour of their food. Now it’s your turn to discover the hidden culinary and health benefits that pure Himalayan salt contains. Each pack of Bergzout is brought to you in its purest form, direct from the source, at a pure price.

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Fine grain professional gourmet Himalayan pink salt.



Each pack of Bergzout fine grain Himalayan pink salt is a versatile culinary treasure. Heightening the pleasure of your meals, it’s the professional gourmet’s choice to enrich their cooking, grilling, roasting and seasoning.

Its pink colour also looks great in clear salt shakers and can even be used as a drink rimmer to enhance the flavour of your favourite cocktail. Fine grain Himalayan salt also helps in detoxifying the body when used as a sole or brine drink—a mixture of salt with water.

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Granular grain professional gourmet Himalayan pink salt.



Tasting as good as it looks, Bergzout granular grain edible Himalayan pink salt is the choice of professional gourmets to enrich their cooking, grilling, roasting and seasoning. Bergzout granular salt is grinded and sieved especially for use in salt mills by consumers and professionals.

It’s also perfect for small grinders and brines. Unlike common table salt, you don’t need much Himalayan salt to enrich the flavour of your food. That’s because it contains 84 minerals trace elements essential to our body’s well-being. Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt available, unprocessed and without any additives.

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Professional gourmet Himalayan pink salt chunks.

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Bergzout pink crystal salt chunks can be grated by consumers and professionals to add natural flavour and essential minerals to food.  Bergzout is ideal for making sole (brine solution), and seasoning. They can also be used for relaxing lighting.[/funky_half] [funky_half end="true"]

Perfectly preserved for over 250 million years, it’s the purest form of salt available and doesn’t need to be refined. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements found naturally in the human body. These include magnesium, zinc, selenium and more. Which provide the body with nutritional raw materials that cannot be achieved with regular white salt.

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Himalayan Salt Slabs, Plates and Tiles.



Dramatic, artful and beautiful, Himalayan pink salt slabs, plates, and tiles are ideal for use at high temperatures on barbecues and stoves, or as plates for serving hot or cold food. When heated, contact between the food and salt plate adds flavour as the food is cooked. After use, the salt plate can easily be cleaned with water, dried and stored for future use. They are available in varying sizes and shapes – square, rectangle and round.
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The bricks are also ideal for use in spa’s and salt rooms and for salt therapy at treatment centres and homes. Himalayan Salt is found exclusively in the Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan where it has been perfectly preserved for over 250 million years.  Then hand harvested and brought directly to you in its purest form.

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Hidden for 250 million years, pink Himalayan salt was first discovered by Alexander the Great and his horses one lovely evening in 326 BC.

Hand harvested and brought to you

from ancient sea beds high up in the Himalayan mountains.

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Himalayan salt is a naturally pure, nutritious and therapeutic. Hand harvested from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains, it has been protected and kept pure for 250 million years. And we aim to keep it that way by acting as a single source. Keeping it pure through the entire process from hand mining to delivery to you.


Because our clients require salt of the highest quality and widest range, delivered straight from the source, we work directly work with salt mines we trust deep in Pakistan’s Punjab province.


After transportation of the salt to our factory in Karachi, the salt is washed and dried in the sun before being crushed and sieved — which can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements.
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Bergzout is packed and labelled with our brand imagery, before being packed in carton boxes and pallets.
Samples of our salt are then tested at an independent laboratory in Pakistan.


Upon arrival in the Netherlands, Bergzout is additionally tested in accordance with the codex standard for food grade salt at SGS laboratories in the Netherlands.
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We hold Himalayan salt in stock at our HACCP and Skal (organic) certified warehouse in Amsterdam. Deliveries throughout Europe, the Nordics and UK are made from this location.


Storage and distribution from our warehouse in Amsterdam makes it possible for us to make deliveries in the form of pallets and bags.


This process makes Bergzout the ideal Himalayan salt brand for sellers of spices, organic foods, supplements, superfoods and Himalayan salt, small and large.




We have an exceptionally passionate group of experienced personnel, ranging from buyers to craftsmen, who are proud to produce some of the purest Himalayan salt from our factory in Karachi. Our facility is fitted with the advanced machinery required to process rock salt in its purest form.
To keep our salt production pure, we also constantly train less experienced workers alongside our more experienced staff.
Deliveries are made from our factory to clients and companies to all parts of the world.

From The Source is the source for pink Himalayan salt

Bergzout® is a Dutch salt brand we created because we love healthy food. Our search for alternatives to regular table salt led us to the exceptional tasting experience of Himalayan crystal salt—the purest salt available.

Bergzout® is unrefined and completely natural

Each pack of Bergzout® contains over 84 natural minerals and more than 98% NaCl (sodium chloride). A combination that provides a smooth and rich flavour.

You only need a small pinch of Bergzou to add plenty of flavour.

Family run business keeps it pure

Bergzout® is owned by From the Source BV, a specialist family business that source, produce and supply Himalayan salt for use by professionals and consumers around the world.

From the Source BV is a privately owned company registered with the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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If you would like professional pink salt at a pure price, call us at +31(0)20 2600321


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